Wieso ich?

Wieso gerade ich? Fragte ich mich heute morgen, als ich meine E-Mailpost von der vergangenen Nacht durchging. Wieso gerade mir muss dieses grosse Glück wiederfahren? Und das an einem Freitag den 13. und dazu noch Karfreitag!
Was habe ich wohl so gutes getan, dass gerade mir diese grosse Ehre zukommt?
Was ist nun passiert? Eigentlich nichts besonderes, nur das ich ein besonderes E-Mail erhalten habe. Nein, nicht von einer Frau. Es war zwar schon auch eines von einer Frau darunter, aber jetzt meine ich das E-Mail.

Also, nachfolgend siehst du das E-Mail, dass mir so viel bringt.


Datum: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 13:35:44 -0400 (EDT)

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Dear partner,



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL.



I am Ahmed Bangura the eldest son of Timu Bangura, who is the immediate past

Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Sierra-Leone. Though my

father died

a natural death sometime last year, he left some documents as regards some


with some colleagues of his while in office. Infactthey ( i.e my father

and his colleagues

that cannot be mentioned here) succeeded in keeping the sum of US$ 38MILLION

(Thirty-Eight Million United states Dollars) in a safe Trust/Security firm

in a neighbouring

West Africa State.




After my fatherís death the president TIJAN KABBAH government started a

probe into

his dealings and those of his colleagues. The government was getting close

to finding

some incriminating evidence against them when the renewed clashes between

the R.U.F

rebels led by FODAY SANKOH and my country government began. This led to the

destructions of many government establishments, including the Central Bank

of Sierra-leone

and the Ministry of Finance buildings, where records of the probe were kept

hence no real

evidence to continue the probe.




Now that there are no records, I have been mandated by my fatherís

colleagues to come

to Amsterdam (The Netherlands), to sort and conclude the transfer of this

fund, with the

aid of a TRUST WORTHY person(s),that can keep this transaction a top secret

and has

the machinery ( i.e credible firm, etc) to file claims of this funds on our





This assistance from you is necessary because each and everyone of us and

our dealings

are closely monitored by the government of our country.


However, be rest assured that this transaction is hitch-free as my fatherís

colleagues and

I have mapped-out strategies to give this transaction a DIPLOMATIC COVERAGE.




We have unanimously accepted that you take 35% of the total sum for your


5% for any expenditure incurred in the course of this transaction (including

phone & travelling

costs) and balance of 60% is for me and my colleagues. Please, also note

that you shall help

invest some our share of this money in viable and lucrative business in your

country after this

business is concluded.




Please, I want your urgent response to this proposal should you be/not

interested in this business.








Best regards,


Ahmed Bangura.

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